International Conference Presentations by Shelley Dunstone

September 2019 Co-Chair of panel – The Managing Partner’s Career International Bar Association (IBA) annual conference, Seoul, South Korea

October 2018 Panellist – Referral Fees and Alternative Structures International Bar Association (IBA) Rome, Italy

October 2017 Panellist – Reinventing Yourself: recognising decision points in your career International Bar Association (IBA) Sydney, Australia

October 2016 Panellist - Over the Counter or Underground: emerging and new models for legal services International Bar Association (IBA) annual conference, Washington DC, USA

October 2015 Co-Chair of panel - Episode VII: The Accountants Strike Back International Bar Association (IBA) annual conference, Vienna, Austria

November 2014 Guest Speaker - Attract Clients through Thought Leadership Asian Pacific Law Forum conference, Melbourne, Australia

October 2014 Panellist - Alternative Business Structures - the view from Australia International Bar Association (IBA) annual conference, Tokyo, Japan

February 2014 Panellist - Building International Relationships using Social Media International Bar Association joint conference of the Law Firm Management, Senior Lawyers and Young Lawyers Committees, Vienna, Austria

October 2013 Guest Speaker Networking Works! IBA Annual Conference, Boston, USA

October 2013 Co-Chair of panel - Knowledge Management: A law firm's secret weapon IBA Annual Conference, Boston USA

October 2011 Guest speaker - Your Career as a Thought-Leading Lawyer IBA Annual Conference, Dubai, United Arab Republic

October 2009 Guest Speaker - Be the Fire!  How to get more innovation happening in your law firm IBA Annual Conference, Madrid, Spain

October 2008  Guest Speaker - Wisdom Transfer: 12 ways to accelerate on-the-job learning for lawyers IBA Annual Conference, Buenos Aires, Argentina

September 1996 Presenter - A Metacognitive Approach to Drafting Pleadings International conference of the Australian Professional Legal Education Council (APLEC), Sydney, Australia